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R5 000 per person. 4-day Training Seminar . What you can expect: Respected speakers in the mining industry and leaders in the field will conduct interactive sessions with delegates to address the topics specified below. Who should attend: Mining staff that will be dealing with water/gas intersections. Topics covered for the four days: Importance of drilling pilot cover in the mining industry.

Drilling Intersects High-grade at Marianas, Mercedes Mine

May 07, 2019· Drilling Intersects High-grade at Marianas, Mercedes Mine. Drilling Intersects High-grade at Marianas, Mercedes Mine ... Note that addition errors in tables are due to rounding.

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Whether you're developing a decline, drilling to break up ore or installing rock support, we engineer an extensive range of underground drill rigs for mining development and production. underground drill rigs are productive, reliable and economical – even in your most demanding production and face drilling applications.


Improve drill production and keep your people safe Industry-leading technology for improving mining drill performance. With FLANDERS technology upgrades for blasthole drills, you can transform a diverse fleet of manually operated drills into a state-of-the-art fleet of synchronized, remotely operated machines.

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The drill drives on top of this backfill to cut another drift through the ore. This continues until the drill cuts a drift across the top of the ore deposit. This method can be used in wider deposits, as well, by drilling two adjacent access ramps and cutting two adjacent drifts, often called drift and fill [sources: Mining …

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The 2010 Copiapó mining accident, also known then as the "Chilean mining accident", began on Thursday, 5 August 2010 with a cave-in at the San José copper–gold mine, located in the Atacama Desert 45 kilometers (28 mi) north of the regional capital of Copiapó, in northern Chile.Thirty-three men, trapped 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground and 5 kilometers (3 mi) from the mine's entrance via ...

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A drilling rig is an integrated system that drills wells, such as oil or water wells, in the earth's subsurface.Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing equipment used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells, or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person and such are called augers.Drilling rigs can sample subsurface mineral deposits, test rock ...

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Sep 01, 2011· Drilling boreholes—to offer assistance or rescue—is often the most time-consuming part of a rescue operation, and domestic mines need rapid response drilling technology to improve mine rescue situations. This contract will identify equipment needs, available contractors, and …

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Epiroc is a leading productivity partner for the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries. With cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and provides world-class service and consumables.

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Jan 10, 2017· Biggest Black Holes and Cosmic Monsters - The Universe and Space Exploration Documentary How the Universe Works 4,146 watching Live now

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New trends in drilling and blasting technology. ... In mining, more specifically electronic blast systems, minimal research exists on the application of system engineering principles and practices ...

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Diamond core drilling is a common technique in the mining industry for extracting core samples. It is ideal for geotechnical work in semi-consolidated/cemented rock to hard rock environments. Downward pressure and high rotation rates advance drill bits that are faced with diamond impregnated steel.

The Most Common Accidents in the Mining Industry

Jan 14, 2019· The yearly average in coal mining decreased to 30 fatalities from 2001-2005, though 60 to 70 miners still die each year in the U.S. coal and non-coal mining industry. The most common accidents occurring in the mining industry are the result of poisonous or explosive gases or mishaps relating to the use of explosives for blasting operations.


Core logging is the systematic recording and measuring of as much information as possible/required to determine the lithology (rock types), mineralogy, potential geological history, structure and alteration zones through a tiny piece of cylindrical rock drilled and removed from a potential mineral deposit.

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Sep 17, 2018· Surface mining, however, usually is less hazardous than underground mining. (…) Underground mines are damp and dark, and some can be very hot and noisy. At times, several inches of water may cover tunnel floors. Although underground mines have electric lights along main pathways, many tunnels are illuminated only by the lights on miner's hats.

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Deep in a South African gold mine, scientists drill for the heart of an earthquake. By Paul Voosen May. 31, 2017, 11:00 AM. It's no easy feat to drill into the faults that cause earthquakes.

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Pantera DP1500i is a hydraulic, diesel-powered, self-propelled top-hammer drill rig, and is the ideal choice for production or pre-split drilling in large quarries or open pit mines and construction sites. It offers the highest power in its class for improved penetration rates, and produces a range of drilling information, including the condition of the drill and work performed.

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In this month's Spotlight Feature Article, from the pages of the June 2012 issues of International Mining, Editor Paul Moore reports that Underground Drilling remains a challenging environment, so continued improvements from key machine and component suppliers continues to help mines improve efficiency, particularly as operations go deeper.

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Sep 23, 2011· Oilfield Directional Drilling Nightmare.mp4 ... RockBuster R100 Portable Water Well Drilling Rig ... Worker Discovers 100 Million Year Old Remnants in an Oil Sands Mine - Duration: 7:02 ...

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Mining and Drilling In environments where only the toughest computers will survive, JLT's rugged computers are proven in the field around the world. The harsh conditions of mining have historically prevented the use of mobile computer technology to streamline operations.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mining Accidents?

Increasingly, mines use more high-tech tools for miner training, such as machinery simulators and virtual reality simulators. By simulating actual mine conditions and emergencies, mine workers are better prepared, and companies can instantly assess a mine worker's progress and skills.


Aug 30, 2011· MINE PLANNING AND SCHEDULING - SMART PRACTICES FOR IMPROVING SPEED AND ACCURACY TO ACHIEVE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE INTRODUCTION: Strength of a building depends on its strength of its foundation. Same is true for mining as well. As the foundation of all mining activity - a mine plan – most accurately reflects the real-time reality of the…

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Mine gas: Mine gas, any of various harmful vapours produced during mining operations. The gases are frequently called damps (German Dampf, "vapour"). Firedamp is a gas that occurs naturally in coal seams. The gas is nearly always methane (CH4) and is highly inflammable and …

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Nov 07, 2007· Underground drilling and blasting can be costly when it goes wrong. However, mines can optimise the performance of drill and blast patterns by using the latest surveying and in …

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Mining is a non-combat activity that allows players to excavate various minerals and ores used as resources in Cetus or Fortuna. It can be performed in the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. Before players can begin mining, they must first acquire a Nosam Cutter from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus or a...

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For some reason all 3 levels of ore drill are unlocked by Automated Ore Mines tech. This may be a bug as of.93.4. Future releases may have multiple levels of tech to unlock higher drill levels. [0.98.35] Ore Drill is not upgradable to Ore Drill II even with the research.

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Drilling machinery: Drilling machinery, equipment used to drill holes in the ground for such activities as prospecting, well sinking (petroleum, natural gas, water, and salt), and scientific explorations. Drilling holes in rock to receive blasting charges is an operation in tunneling, mining, and other excavating.

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Meanwhile, the larger-scale drilling of an escape shaft made slow progress. Finally, on Day 69, rescuers lifted each of the miners out alive [source: Boston]. The saga reminded the non-mining world of a usually invisible truth. Deep beneath the surface of the Earth lie some of the most frightening factories in the world: underground mines.